Contribution to “Let Me Desire Myself”

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(on Megan Rose Gedris)

Why does their work make you feel good in your body, or as your sexual self? Compare it to those that have the opposite effect, if you’re willing: I fell in love with Gedris’ work when I read her story “The Witch” in the Smut Peddler 2014 edition. Her witch felt sexy through her empowerment, conveyed through her erect, but beckoning posture and a facial expression filled with certainty. While the patriarchal idea of sexy is pushed on us via women’s submission, Gedris’ comics show sex through strength.

Gedris’ characters are both beautiful and full of life, both funny and sexy, and feel like whole people with emotions and needs instead of cardboard cutouts with plastic smirks and impossible curves. Much of the sexual appeal in her work comes from her ability to convey texture. She draws skin and curves with softness and malleability and shades the mouth so that you can feel the wetness of their lips and tongues. When characters reach orgasm, the arch of their backs and their moaning works on top of their previously established vulnerability, bringing readers into a very open and very human depiction of sex.


Is Litsy the Best New App for Book Lovers?

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As far as social network systems around books go, Goodreads is the best known. However, although I’ve used Goodreads for a number of years, I’m far from considering its app perfect. So when Women Write About Comics lifestyle editor Ginnis Tonik asked me to review new smartphone app, Litsy, I took it on in hopes that it provided a different and better experience than Goodreads.

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The Midnighter Playlist: How Music Enhances Comics

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If you travel to fandom spaces online, you will find something that might surprise you. One of the many ways fans expand upon the experience of watching their favorite television shows or reading their favorite books is by finding thematically related songs or making entire playlists to associate with these characters.

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