Contribution to Tiny Pages Made of Ashes 10/7/16

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The first part of i am not okay with this is only available on Charles Forsman’s Patreon, which is why I feel so fortunate that he was giving it out at Small Press Expo. This small chapter is about Sydney, a typical overly cynical, trying-too-hard teen girl. Sydney is kind of a brat, ungrateful toward her hardworking mother, dismissive of most people whom she calls “jocks”, and able to find a true place to vent only in her diary. With Forsman’s smart contrasts between Sydney’s narrative captions and what he shows in each panel, we get a full look at Sydney’s life in just a few short pages. His style is reminiscent of Charles M. Schulz, if Schulz took an interest in writing teens instead of kids and took on a more bitter tone. Forsman also knows how to tease readers, ending the first part on quite a cliffhanger. I certainly went to back Forsman’s Patreon after reading this short excerpt, just so I could get more of Sydney and feel embarrassed about how similar to her I was just a decade ago.

— Ray Sonne


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